About Steven Sharpe Jr

Hi! i’m Steven.

Photo - Samy Ruby Photography

Photo - Samy Ruby Photography

Tells us about yourself?

I am a wardrobe stylist, content creator, model & social media manager. (wow that was a mouthful). I’m also very ambitious given all of the commas! I am super smiley, I love red wine & I could eat pizza & sushi every day of my life. I swear like a sailor & I tell it how it is but always in a nice way! My friends & family are the best in the world. They constantly encourage me to be my best self & I strive to do the same for them.

What’s, like, your philosophy on style?

Okay, super shallow questions I see…

Style for me personally has always been a means of expression & transformation. By allowing my inspirations of the moment guide me, I’m able to experience my life in a truly beautiful way. This is what I want to be able to share with others — how they can experience their truest selves through their wardrobe. I’ve work with clients for over 6 years discovering what they truly want & help them express it through the path of least resistance — the path that resonates with the truth of what they believe about themselves in that moment.

With brands, it’s about the experience & the emotion. I have a keen sense for the vibes in a room or in a collection of work & can piggy back off of that to produce really amazing & cohesive work. It’s why I love working on lookbooks & editorial pieces. When everyone is on board with what it’s about, the product is exquisite.

What are you hoping to accomplish in 2019?

My intentions for 2019 is to get signed to a modeling agency & stretch the limits of what I can accomplish in that regard.

For styling, my intention is to create relationships with brands to work on styling their lookbooks & editorial work.

That’s fantastic! How can people get in touch with you?

Thank you! I can be reached at ssj@stevensharpejr.com. I’m hopelessly attached to my phone so I’ll email back pretty quickly. Let’s make cool shit!


Photo - Zack Arp for Teressa Foglia

Photo - Zack Arp for Teressa Foglia


In late 2017, Steven wrapped his first set design for a small film (currently in post-production). in addition to his styling work, Steven launched ENFRAMED | NEW YORK, a creative branding agency for growing companies in fashion & hospitality as well as entrepreneurs. ENFRAMED | NEW YORK offers social media management, graphic & website design services. In 2019, Steven is actively seeking representation for modeling & currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.